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Download games for your mobile phone, tablet or PC:
The Odyssey
Play Odysseys and help his get back to Ithaca in one piece!
PC Android iPhone
The Final Battle
Be a knight that has amnesia and wakes up in a prison cell. Sove the mystery.
PC Android iPhone
Zeus Quest
Play Zeus and save the world. A huge adventure game that you will love.
PC Android iPhone
Try endless personality tests and games. Have fun with your friends!
PC Android iPhone
Palm Reading
Read your palm lines and fingers. Read amazing true reports.
PC Android iPhone
Astrology Prm.
Learn everything to know about Astrology and Numerology.
PC Android iPhone
Snake Deluxe
The classic snake game is back with perfect graphics and smooth animation.
PC Android iPhone
Paintball II
Paintball is back with better gameplay and tons of excitment.
PC Android iPhone
Make triangles as fast as possible and be the best player. A new game.
PC Android iPhone
Slot mushiness as you have never seen it before. A amazing puzzler.
PC Android iPhone
Smart Educational Games
A pack of games that helps you with geography, math and memory.
PC Android iPhone
Lost in the Pyramid
Be an archeologist which discovers a new pyramid. Try not to die!
PC Android iPhone
Break the frozen fish and make combos. A smart puzzle game.
PC Android iPhone
Best Tarot Pro
The best tarot app in the market. It includes 3 different decks.
PC Android iPhone
Feed a cannibal fruits. Don't stop or he is not going to like it.
PC Android iPhone
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